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From "John Gill" <>
Subject Re: IVYDE - what are the alternatives?
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2008 01:39:32 GMT
I've said this before, but I'll say it again. ivyDE is what makes ivy a
killer tool IMHO. Yet ivyDE is treated as a second class citizen when it
comes to releases, bug fixes, etc.

The fact that the projects are separate is part of the problem (and the size
of the development team doesn't help I guess) in my view.

Personally, I have stuck with ivy 1.4.1 and ivyDE 1.2.0 because I can't put
up with the problems with ivyDE that goes with ivy 2.x. I have attempted to
migrate to ivy/ivyDE 2.0 several times now and it is just to problematic, so
I figure "if it works, don't fix it" and stay with ivy 1.4.1 and ivyDE 1.2.0

Here is a dig at the maven users (and I expect to get flamed on this one big
time, so bring it on... :-), but maybe if it wasn't for all these issue
about maven repositories, and pom.xml problems, ivyDE could be given more
time. The answer is simple... Build your own repository and stop using maven
poms, repositories, etc and use ivy, OR use maven and don't use ivy. To me
it seems like maven integration is given more time and energy than other
issues, which for people who want to use plain old ivy is really
disappointing. Frankly, I'd like to see a "ivy-maven" pseudo component in
JIRA to track all the maven related issue separately.

I am now going to press the send button, and I just know I am going to
regret writing the previous paragraph, but what the hell...

On Jan 17, 2008 1:44 AM, Loehr, Ruel <> wrote:

> First,   I'm a big fan of ivy.   When we use it through command line, it
> is flawless.
> The eclipse integration is starting to become painful to the point that we
> are investigating alternatives.
> The first issue I ran into was when dealing with snapshots:
> This morning one the developers reported that
> "appears that in JBDevstudio 1.0.0 GA at least, setting source attachments
> on jars in the ivy container doesn't work, so i can't debug into or navigate
> third-party source like ibatis."
> I'll investigate this and open a jira if necessary, but it leads to me the
> questions.....
> 1)       We're betting the farm so to speak on IVYDE.   Are other people
> experiencing the same sort of difficulties?
> 2)       If so, how are you handling it?   Developing in eclipse is here
> to stay for  us ;)  I need to make this bulletproof for our devs.
> 3)       I've already built an ant task to generate an eclipse classpath
> based off the ivy.xml.   I realize that this is essentially how maven
> handles their ide integration.  Maintaining what is essentially a fork from
> the "best practices" isn't all that appealing to me though.
> I'm patiently awaiting the first official apache release and seeing  how
> that goes, but if I'm still seeing issues I'm going to have to deviate from
> Ruel Loehr
> Configuration Management
> Pointserve, Inc.
> 110 Wild Basin Road
> Suite 300
> Austin, Texas 78746
> O: 512.617.5314
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John Gill

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