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From Jim Mochel <>
Subject Re: IVYDE - what are the alternatives?
Date Thu, 17 Jan 2008 02:20:08 GMT
I am afraid that I have to weigh in on John side of this.

I am currently using Ivy for an ant-based build system and it works 
beautifully. Unfortunately, I have to spend a great deal of my time 
doing hand maintenance of the eclipse projects and dependencies in order 
to ensure that re-factoring within eclipse continues to work.
I loved the IvyDE concept and I have thought I have had it working a 
couple of times. But each time I have had to give up in the face of 
implementation issues.  I currently use IVY 1.41  at work and IVY 2.0  
at home.

If I had the time I would be putting the work in to bringing the plug-in 
up-to-date. Since I don't,  I will just hope and pray.


Jim  Mochel

John Gill wrote:
> I've said this before, but I'll say it again. ivyDE is what makes ivy a
> killer tool IMHO. Yet ivyDE is treated as a second class citizen when it
> comes to releases, bug fixes, etc.
> The fact that the projects are separate is part of the problem (and the size
> of the development team doesn't help I guess) in my view.
> Personally, I have stuck with ivy 1.4.1 and ivyDE 1.2.0 because I can't put
> up with the problems with ivyDE that goes with ivy 2.x. I have attempted to
> migrate to ivy/ivyDE 2.0 several times now and it is just to problematic, so
> I figure "if it works, don't fix it" and stay with ivy 1.4.1 and ivyDE 1.2.0
> .
> Here is a dig at the maven users (and I expect to get flamed on this one big
> time, so bring it on... :-), but maybe if it wasn't for all these issue
> about maven repositories, and pom.xml problems, ivyDE could be given more
> time. The answer is simple... Build your own repository and stop using maven
> poms, repositories, etc and use ivy, OR use maven and don't use ivy. To me
> it seems like maven integration is given more time and energy than other
> issues, which for people who want to use plain old ivy is really
> disappointing. Frankly, I'd like to see a "ivy-maven" pseudo component in
> JIRA to track all the maven related issue separately.
> I am now going to press the send button, and I just know I am going to
> regret writing the previous paragraph, but what the hell...
> On Jan 17, 2008 1:44 AM, Loehr, Ruel <> wrote:
>> First,   I'm a big fan of ivy.   When we use it through command line, it
>> is flawless.
>> The eclipse integration is starting to become painful to the point that we
>> are investigating alternatives.
>> The first issue I ran into was when dealing with snapshots:
>> This morning one the developers reported that
>> "appears that in JBDevstudio 1.0.0 GA at least, setting source attachments
>> on jars in the ivy container doesn't work, so i can't debug into or navigate
>> third-party source like ibatis."
>> I'll investigate this and open a jira if necessary, but it leads to me the
>> questions.....
>> 1)       We're betting the farm so to speak on IVYDE.   Are other people
>> experiencing the same sort of difficulties?
>> 2)       If so, how are you handling it?   Developing in eclipse is here
>> to stay for  us ;)  I need to make this bulletproof for our devs.
>> 3)       I've already built an ant task to generate an eclipse classpath
>> based off the ivy.xml.   I realize that this is essentially how maven
>> handles their ide integration.  Maintaining what is essentially a fork from
>> the "best practices" isn't all that appealing to me though.
>> I'm patiently awaiting the first official apache release and seeing  how
>> that goes, but if I'm still seeing issues I'm going to have to deviate from
>> Ruel Loehr
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