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From Chris Hane <>
Subject Re: Exclude Clarifications
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2008 16:33:23 GMT
What would the "include" configuration look like.  Building on the 
Hibernate example, I want to include the proxool dependency and exclude 
everything else.

<dependency org="org.hibernate" name="hibernate" rev="">
    <include name="proxool" />

I grabbed the artifact name from the pom file.  Would that be the correct 
to list the transitive dependencies I want from the hibernate pom?

Actually, I just tried it out and got the following error:

[ivy:retrieve] :: problems summary ::
[ivy:retrieve] :::: ERRORS
[ivy:retrieve] 	a required artifact is not listed by module descriptor: 

Is this possible with the include setting?


Gilles Scokart wrote:
> When you are facing some bad metadata, I fear that you have no choice than
> fixing them.
> You can either setup your own repository in which you put the correct ivy
> file (or pom file).
> If you don't want this, you can use transitive=false, or you have to list
> the dependencies you want to include.
> There is currently no pattern matching that can be used to to filter the
> transitive dependencies.
> Gilles
> 2008/1/10, lukasbradley <>:
>> I would like to exclude all dependencies that are not the concrete
>> dependency
>> itself.
>> For example, Hibernate 3.2.5 has *tons* of dependencies that I do not need
>> to include.  Great examples are the inclusion of both Proxool and C3P0
>> database pooling jars.  I don't want those around.
>> I have tried the following, without success.  I'm attempting to exclude
>> everything that isn't from the "org.hibernate" organization.
>>         <dependency org="org.hibernate" name="hibernate" rev="">
>>             <exclude org="(?!org.hibernate)" matcher="regexp"></exclude>
>>         </dependency>
>> To summarize, I want ONLY the Hibernate 3.2.5 jar to be added as a
>> dependency, and nothing more.
>> Am I on the right track, or is there an easier way to do this?
>> Lukas
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