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From Hans Dockter <>
Subject Client side created module descriptors for dependencies
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2008 14:12:22 GMT
I have the following use case.

For the build tool I'm developing (which uses Ivy via its API) I want  
to offer the following functionality:

A user has three options to add dependencies:

1 - Via a module found in a repository
2 - A single jar
3 - An artificial module create on the client side.

1.) and 2.) is easy to achieve.

For 3.) I'm not sure how to achieve this.

An example:

In the build script the user declares something like:

deps.compile "org.springramework:spring:2.5", "commons-io:commons-io: 
3.1:jar", [mod: 'org.hibernate:hibernate:3.0.5', deps: 'log4j:log4j: 
1.2.14:jar', 'ehcache:ehcache:1.2.3:jar', ....]

Under the hood a module descriptor with the configuration compile is  
created. We add two dependency descriptors for spring and commons-io.  
We can now easily do a Ivy.resolve and things work perfectly for  
spring and commons-io. But for the hibernate example things are  
different. I want to avoid using metadata of a repository but still  
be able to use the transitive dependency handling of Ivy (for compile  
with transitive = false, for reports, ....).  I want to create my own  
module descriptor for hibernate, which is easy to do. But how to  
integrate this module descriptor in the Ivy resolve workflow?

Workflow (roughly):

1.) Find module descriptor in repository.
2.) Analyse descriptor and download artifacts.

I want to inject my hibernate module descriptor into 2.). It should  
be treated the same as the ones found in a repository. Is there a way  
to achieve this?

Deploying such a project (with client side created module descriptors  
for dependencies)  to a repository is another story (with some loss  
of information this would be still possible I think). And many  
projects are not libraries and thus have no need to be put in a  

- Hans

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