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From osbald <>
Subject Can I supress the default published artefact
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2008 15:40:44 GMT

Is there a way to say this module doesn't produce any artefacts.. or am I
coming at this all wrong? I've been creating a few ivy configs to describe
some of the 3rd party projects I'm using. Much like the dual resolver
example I've got an jung-2.0-alpha3-SNAPSHOT.xml file:

<ivy-module version="1.4">
    <info module="jung"

        <dependency name="jung-api" rev="2.0-alpha3-SNAPSHOT"
        <dependency name="jung-algorithms" rev="2.0-alpha3-SNAPSHOT"
        <dependency name="jung-graph-impl" rev="2.0-alpha3-SNAPSHOT"
        <dependency name="jung-io" rev="2.0-alpha3-SNAPSHOT"
        <dependency name="jung-visualization" rev="2.0-alpha3-SNAPSHOT"
        <dependency name="collections-generic" rev="4.01"/>
        <dependency name="colt" rev="1.2.0"/>
        <dependency name="concurrent" rev="1.3.4"/>

But when resolve runs it's looking for an implicit
jung-2.0-alpha3-SNAPSHOT.jar which doesn't exist. Technically this project
doesn't have a single main jar resource. Can I say don't produce any
artefacts (I'm just only describing dependencies here) Or should I just
nominate one of the jars (the api one?) as the product? i.e. rename to
jung-api, jung-api-2.0-alpha3-SNAPSHOT.xml and remove its dependency? 

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