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From Hans Dockter <>
Subject Filtering optional dependencies of a pom module
Date Sat, 05 Jan 2008 18:59:54 GMT
I have the following probably pretty common use case. It is an issue  
related to maven pom's.

Let's say I declare a dependency on the groovy-all module. The groovy- 
all pom declares 9 optional dependencies. I need one of of the  
optional dependencies for my usage scenario of groovy-all. If you are  
a Maven2 users there is no good way of dealing with this situation.  
What you have to do, is to declare the optional dependency you want  
as a first level dependency in your pom. How can I deal with this in  
Ivy? The module descriptor created out of the pom, has two  
configurations I'm interested in. This is default (Maven's compile  
and runtime scope) and optional (all dependencies declared optional  
in the pom). Now I can do the following:

<dependency org="org.codehaus.groovy" name="groovy-all" rev="1.5.1"  

This add all 9 optional dependencies to the compile configuration.  
But I want only one. As I understand Ivy, I can only apply exclude  
and include filtering to the master configuration. In this case that  
would mean I have to add 8 exclude statements to exclude the unwanted  
optional dependencies. Alternatively I could declare include  
statements for all the required dependencies. Both is pretty  
impractical. I would like to declare filters on the dependency  
configuration, to say something like: include MODULE_X of OPTIONAL

My work around right now is to do it the same way as I did with  
Maven. Declaring the optional dependency as a first level dependency.

Is there a better solution to this problem or are there plans to  
provide one? I'm happy to file a Jira issue :)

- Hans

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