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From "Fernandes, Gerard" <>
Subject RE: Publishing
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 09:31:13 GMT

I believe the default in Ivy is to look for and publish an artifact with
the same name as the module in the ivy.xml configuration file.

If you need to publish more than one artifact, you'd have to declare
them under the <publications> element. E.g.:
		<artifact name="myProject" type="jar" />
		<artifact name="myProject-examples" type="jar" />
		<artifact name="myProject" type="source" ext="zip" />
		<artifact name="myProject-examples" type="source"
ext="zip" />
		<artifact name="myProject-doc" type="javadoc" ext="zip"
		<artifact name="myProject-conf" type="jar" ext="zip" />

Then you need an <ivy:publish...> ant task in an appropriate ant target
that will pick up appropriate artifact patterns and publish them - after
your ant script has built and packaged artifacts that match the pattern
you will pick up. E.g.


Have a look at the Apache Ivy documentation as well for more details.


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From: [] On Behalf Of Edward
Sent: 18 December 2007 00:03
Subject: Publishing

I am just starting to understand publishing and am trying to publish
jars generated by one eclipse project. What appears to be happening is
that each jar produced by the project file is being published to the
same place in the local repository.

How should I approach the problem of multiple jars being published form
the same project?

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