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From Ed Espino>
Subject 2.0.0-alpha2 - ivy/ant property usage obvservations
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2007 06:50:47 GMT
I'm seeing some odd ivy/ant property interaction and was hoping
someone could help shed some light on what I'm seeing.

1) Use of the ivy:settings task alone doesn't make the ivy
   properties available to ant.  None of the properties I have
   set in ivysettings.xml will displayed with the echoproperties

    <target name="ivy-props-test1">
        <ivy:settings id="ivy.instance" 
file="${tools.home}/ivysettings.xml" />
        <echo message="No ivy properties are accessible"/>
        <echoproperties prefix="ivy"/>

2) If I add a call to ivy:var, it seems enough to make the ivy
   properties visible to ant.

    <target name="ivy-props-test2">
        <ivy:settings id="ivy.instance" 
file="${tools.home}/ivysettings.xml" />
        <ivy:var name="hack.ivy.make.props.available" value="true"/>
        <echo message="ivy properties are now accessible"/>
        <echoproperties prefix="ivy"/>

3) I also noticed that any ivy properties with override="false"
   attribute and value are not visible to ant.  I couldn't explain
   why I could see some of the properties from my ivysettings.xml
   until I removed the override="false" settings on the properites
   I was interested in.

Any help to explain this behavior would be greatly appreciated.

-=ed espino

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