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From Xavier Hanin <>
Subject RE: Sharing ivyconf.xml
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2007 17:48:05 GMT
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> From: Niklas Matthies []
> Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2007 8:56 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Sharing ivyconf.xml
> On Wed 2007-12-05 at 08:19h, Xavier wrote on ivy-user:
> > Sharing settings through a shared filesystem or url is fine, but I
> > suggest versionning your settings
> We'll certainly put them into CVS.
> > for the sake of build reproducibility.
> But this part is confusing me. If for example we change something like
> our repository structure (or location), then the attempting to build
> an old version of a module using the corresponding old ivyconf.xml
> won't succeed.
> Our thinking was that by definition ivyconf.xml is outside of module
> versioning and needs to be version-independent, since it is used to
> resolve and retrieve *any* versions of the modules, not just the
> "current" ones. Hence I wrote:
> > > It seems (luckily) that there's no need to have versioning of the
> > > ivyconf.xml, in the sense that different versions of a project
> would
> > > require different versions of ivyconf.xml (which would introduce
> > > dependency issues on ivyconf.xml...).
> You appear to be saying that different versions of a project could
> indeed require different (historic) versions of ivyconf.xml. I'm
> wondering what kind of changes to ivyconf.xml you're thinking of.

A change of default conflict manager, default latest strategy, triggers, ... Or a change of
syntax or the use of new features following an upgrade to a new Ivy version: 3.0, or 4.0,
I don't know, I'm speaking about reproducibility over a very long period of time, and your
whole build system should be versioned (including the tools you use like Ant and Ivy, the
JDK, and maybe even the OS).


> -- Niklas Matthies

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