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From "Jim Adams" <>
Subject Conflict manager problem
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2007 13:55:38 GMT
I am attempting to write a conflict manager that needs to resolve
conflicting versions from across the tree. The case I am working on is
what we are calling the "Polygon of Death".

A depends on B and C
B depends on D
C depends on D

There are 2 versions of C and D where C1->D1 and C2->D2. There has been
only one published version of B such that B1->D1

A is using LATEST to find B and C

The problem is that A finds C2 and never has a chance to back up to C1.
I can evict D2 by looking at the list of currently selected nodes and
finding an older version of D but I cannot then successfully evict C2.
It seems that the selection of the latest version of C does not take
into account that C2 was evicted. I am willing to make changes to IVY
and give them back in a JIRA but I would like a little guidence on where
to look.

Jim Adams
Principal Systems Developer
SAS Institute

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