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From Richard Suematsu <>
Subject Basic questions
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2007 23:42:54 GMT

I have some basic questions in trying to understand Ivy.  I've never 
used Maven.

I'm trying to setup my own repository and I'm copying from ibiblio using 
the ivy:install command.  In copying over files for the Batik project, I 
looked in the pom for version 1.6 and it didn't define any 
dependencies.  Looking at version 1.6-1, the pom defined some 
dependencies.  Also, I noticed a project that I use (I can't remember 
which), forced v2.0 of commons-lang even though 2.3 is still compatible. 
So when I do a build on my project, I get both versions of jars in my lib.

I'm not sure how to ask this question, but can I trust what I find in 
the maven repository?  Should I modify dependencies I think are wrong or 
is it generally correct and if I find a jar that specifies only 
commons-lang 2.0, it really should only be 2.0?

One more question, most of the Batik project copies over fine, but 2 
pieces didn't.  This is the command I used:

<ivy:install organisation="batik" module="batik-rasterizer-ext" 
revision="1.6" from="ibiblio" to="local-repository" />

I get a "Problem happened while installing modules - see output for 
details", but there's nothing in the output that shows any errors.  I 
also get this for batik-squiggle-ext.


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