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From Richard Suematsu <>
Subject A little more info
Date Tue, 30 Oct 2007 03:12:46 GMT
I'm sorry for putting this out in pieces.  I never did maven before and 
I'm just starting Ivy so this is still voodoo to me.

Anyway, one of my projects uses fop 0.20.5.  It has a "optional" 
dependency to jai_codec.  In the maven repository, there are no jars for 
the jai_codec.  There are xml and pom files, but no jar.  So I have a 
couple of questions.

First, should the jar be in there?  Is this just a mistake, or is it 
intentional?  I seem to remember the JAI project having native code and 
therefore must be installed, but I might be mixing that up with Java 3d.

If the dependency is optional, why does my build break if it can't find 
the jar?


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