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From Helmut Denk <>
Subject problem retrieving SNAPSHOT artifacts from integration-server
Date Thu, 25 Oct 2007 10:20:57 GMT

hello ivy-users and developers,

i find ivy very usefull. great work !

i use ivy 2.0.0-beta1-local-20071022215402
build from svn-trunk. on xp and sles9 with java5.

here is a short description of my ivy-build:

my buildsystem uses 5 repositorys: local, shared,
snapshot, release, thirdparty.

		<chain name="default-resolver" dual="false">
			<resolver ref="local"/>
			<resolver ref="shared"/>
			<resolver ref="snapshot"/>
			<resolver ref="released"/>
			<resolver ref="thirdparty"/>

local and shared are local -> resolved by filesysten-resolvers.

snapshot, release and thirdparty are remote
-> resolved by url-resolvers and served by tomcat5
on the integration-server

i use changingPattern=".*-SNAPSHOT" for local,
shared and snapshot, which are the repositorys,
where the status=integration artifacts go as
*-SNAPSHOT.jar for the use in developer-,
team- and public-scope.

this means, that the snapshot-repository is remote for
the development-build but local for the integration-build
(development-build and integration-build use different
ivyconf) and the snapshot-repository is the repository where the
results of the integration-builds are published. overwriting
the results of  previous integration-builds.

so the developer resolves/retrieves artifacts
of the integration-builds from snapshot-repository
through the ivy-cache. this seems to make problems ...

here is a description of my problem(s):

1. developers have to clean the ivy-cache so that a
updated (by integration-build) mylib-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
is resolved from the snapshot-repository and retrieved
to the lib.dir.

i tried to set snapshot-resolver local="true" but
that produced an error because one can not do that
for an url-resolver.

2. if developers publish a local-scoped-version of
mylib-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar to the local-repository, this
version is resolved/retrieved. but if developers drop
the local-scoped-version after checkin of the changes to scm
and there is no mylib-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar in the cache from
a previous resolve against snapshot-repository, they
get an 'impossible to resolve error' for mylib-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar.
they have to clear the ivy-cache to get it working

i think the key-problem is that i resolve/retrieve SNAPSHOTS
from remote through the ivy-cache. i would like to have no
caching at all for the snapshot-repository. how can i
solve this ? or is there an even better solution ?

thanks + have a nice day

here i attach my ivyconf for the development-build
and some relevant ant-targets: ivy-snap.txt 
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