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From JamesPoli <>
Subject RE: problem with work files created in cache by ivy:resolve (ivy 1.4)
Date Tue, 09 Oct 2007 00:04:09 GMT

As Jim Adams had stated we'd moved our cache to a tmp location to get around
this problem.  Another solution I've been working on is using a lock file to
protect from having two or more resovles use the  cache at the same time. 
To "guard" the creation/deletion of the lock file I'm using a Java FileLock
- it acts like a Java object monitor that is visible across JVM's.  It
appears to work but for multiple processes (15) using resolve.  Could there
be something I'm missing?  Should I also lock the publish?  I'm thinking if
I lock too many ivy tasks I'll end up defeating the whole purpose I'm doing
it, performance gains by using a single cache.

Thanks in advance, Jim :super:

Jim Adams-6 wrote:
> We have something similar but our only recourse was to put the ivy cache
> in a tmp location and clear it after every build. Ivy can't handle
> multiple processes accessing the cache at the same time. 
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Gregoire Henry [] 
>> Sent: Friday, July 27, 2007 11:21 AM
>> To:
>> Subject: problem with work files created in cache by 
>> ivy:resolve (ivy 1.4)
>> hello
>> I have a problem with the files created by ivy in the cache 
>> during the resolve phase ..
>> Ivy create some files nammed [org]-[module]-[conf].xml in the 
>> cache , should'nt those files be created in a temporary 
>> location outside of the 
>> cache, and preferably in project specific directory   ?
>> My use case is the following
>> We have a Continuous Build Server who can build at the same 
>> time several different build from the same project ....
>> In my build i create a clean.resolve task for deleting the 
>> [org]-[module]-[conf].xml files at the beginnig of each build 
>> ... as we can have multiple build at the same time for the 
>> same project I sometime have some build failled because of 
>> the deletion of this files by another starting build ...
>> I still have created different cache location for my 
>> different project , but this use case should drive me to 
>> create a different cache for each build !!!
>> Have you a solution for that ?
>> would it be possible to have an ivy.temp.dir properties ?
>> Is there a different implementation in 2.0.0 ?
>> regards
>> Greg
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