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From <>
Subject AW: uptodate and ivy
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 06:10:11 GMT
>I am looking into making my build process a liitle bit smarter 
>and avoid module build if not necessary. I use the uptodate 
>task. My issue is how to handle dependency changes as I am not 
>retrieving them, I am referencing dependency using cachepath. 
>Is someone has a solution to build only if a dependency changed.

Not an Ivy solution just an Ant one - and I am only thinking loudly ;)

Use <pathconvert property="deps" refid="ivy.path"> for converting the
dependencies into a property.
Maybe you have to use a <sort> (Ant1.7) so that you always get a sorted
list (means no changes just for the order).

Store that into a file
   <echo file="dep.list" message="${deps}"/>

In the next run you compare this 'old' setting from the file with the
new calculated
    <loadfile prop="deps.old" file="dep.list"/>
    <condition property="newDeps"><not><equals arg1="${deps}"

You build target then can use this property
    <target if="newDeps">


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