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From Johannes Stamminger <>
Subject Missing configuration in eviction result
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2007 17:30:29 GMT


we observe the following:

moduleA depends libX-1.+ in conf U
moduleA depends moduleB in conf U,V
moduleB depends libX-[1.5,) in conf U,V
(conf mappings straight forward, U,V->@)

Lates libX version in the repo is e.g. 1.7

Note the slight difference in dependencies to libX versions, once [1.5,) 
meaning - according to the documentation - any version greater or equal 1.5, 
the other one 1.+. Though both will would resolve to 1.7.

As both version descriptions lead to the same resolved version of libX - 1.7 - 
we would expect it to be included in both configurations, U and V. In fact it 
is only in U :-(.

The dependencies report only mentions version [1.5,) with:
evicted by 1.7 in latest-revision conflict manager.

The moment I specify same version rules for both modules, things work as 

This clearly seems to be a bug to me ... ?

What I am not that sure is how it should behave with having requested it once 
with 1.+ and the other time with 1.5 (with 1.7 being the latest one again). 
IMHO I would again expect libX being included in both configurations again - 
as both resolved versions, 1.5 and 1.7, contain conf U and V ... ?

Kind regards,
Johannes Stamminger

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