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From "Colin Fleming" <>
Subject Re: Occasional long Ivy pauses?
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 03:44:20 GMT
For the curious, as detailed in the above JIRA this is actually this
Ant bug: It's
not really an Ivy problem, but is easy to trigger with the recommended
buildlist/subant usage pattern for large builds. Briefly - if you do
this, and re-taskdef your tasks every time, your PermGen space fills
up with unused class definitions that are never released by Ant and
everything slows to a crawl.

The solution for us was to do all our taskdefs once up front in our
master build file. Taskdefs are persistent across subant calls,
luckily. This has the side effect of preventing our inner build files
from being independent, but in our case this wasn't a problem since we
never build our modules independently anyway (in fact, the inner build
files are about to be removed and replaced with the genericantfile
option to subant).


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