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From Andy Piper <>
Subject Re: Configurations really hard to understand
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 18:43:13 GMT
Yeah, so this is what I need too and am doing with virtual modules 
(with a <publications/> section. It feels a little contrived however, 
and I agree this particular use-case should be much simpler to 
define. The simple things should be easy and complicated things 
possible. Right now ivy configurations are very powerful, but not 
ever simple from my POV...


At 19:16 15/08/2007, Jeffrey Blattman wrote:
>i've never needed Ivy configurations. i need what maven has, and 
>that's how i tried to apply it. i always understood configurations 
>to be a generalized version of maven scopes as you are calling them. 
>in fact i think i read that someone in the ivy docs.
>all i want to do is
>1. define a config
>2. be able to associate a config w/ a dependency
>3. be able to reference the dependencies by config name in 
>ivy:resolve, retrieve, cachpath, etc
>i.e., configs are just a grouping of dependencies.
>it just seems like configurations could be greatly simplified to do 
>the above and still handle 98% of the use cases. you don't need to 
>"->" syntax do this for example.
>Xavier Hanin wrote:
>>On 8/15/07, Jeffrey Blattman <> wrote:
>>>i don't mean to rain on dmitry's great explanation, but i think this
>>>might be the crux of the problem. there is one way to do it on maven,
>>>and no one has any questions about it. i to was / am confused by
>>>configurations in Ivy.
>>Not sure to get what you are meaning. Do you mean that we should only
>>provide one way to specify configuration mapping, or that we should simply
>>not provide flexible configuration mapping as we do? Maven has no concept of
>>configuration, they have scopes which are predefined and do not allow things
>>as flexible as you can do with Ivy. But maybe providing an easy to use
>>configuration mapping in Ivy could help users who don't want to take care
>>about understanding the real flexibility of configurations.
>>Dmitriy Korobskiy wrote:
>>>>2. How to specify this mapping? There are many ways in Ivy to do it.
>>>Let's start
>>>>with explicit abbreviated mapping for each dependency:

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