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From Andy Piper <>
Subject Configurations really hard to understand
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2007 11:36:53 GMT
Every time I think I have understood configurations my more 
sophisticated attempts to use them result in resolution errors in 
ivy. I have been through the tutorial and the docs many times. Does 
anyone have a good write-up of configuration usage other than the one 
on the website?

In particular I am having problems with "default". This is implicitly 
defined unless you create your own configurations. If I add my other 
configuration how do I specify some of the dependencies to have the 
default configuration? "default", "default->default"?

In particular lets say I have module A and module B. Both of these 
have some shared dependencies that should be available at build-time 
but not test time. My naive configuration would look something like this:

       <conf name="test"/>
       <conf name="default"/>
    <dependencies defaultconf="default">
        <dependency org="foo" name="bar" rev="1.0" conf="test->default"/>
        <dependency org="foo" name="baz" rev="1.0"/>

But this seems to do something subtly different to what I intend. In 
particular the definition of seems to require a definition of 
the default configuration.

Any help or insights appreciated. Apologies for the somewhat random 
stream of consciousness.

[Note I don't think the current configuration syntax is particularly 
intuitive, but I'm not sure what I would suggest as an alternative.]


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