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From Jeffrey Blattman <>
Subject Re: Configurations really hard to understand
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 18:16:27 GMT
i've never needed Ivy configurations. i need what maven has, and that's 
how i tried to apply it. i always understood configurations to be a 
generalized version of maven scopes as you are calling them. in fact i 
think i read that someone in the ivy docs.

all i want to do is

1. define a config
2. be able to associate a config w/ a dependency
3. be able to reference the dependencies by config name in ivy:resolve, 
retrieve, cachpath, etc

i.e., configs are just a grouping of dependencies.

it just seems like configurations could be greatly simplified to do the 
above and still handle 98% of the use cases. you don't need to "->" 
syntax do this for example.

Xavier Hanin wrote:
> On 8/15/07, Jeffrey Blattman <> wrote:
>> i don't mean to rain on dmitry's great explanation, but i think this
>> might be the crux of the problem. there is one way to do it on maven,
>> and no one has any questions about it. i to was / am confused by
>> configurations in Ivy.
> Not sure to get what you are meaning. Do you mean that we should only
> provide one way to specify configuration mapping, or that we should simply
> not provide flexible configuration mapping as we do? Maven has no concept of
> configuration, they have scopes which are predefined and do not allow things
> as flexible as you can do with Ivy. But maybe providing an easy to use
> configuration mapping in Ivy could help users who don't want to take care
> about understanding the real flexibility of configurations.
> Xavier
> Dmitriy Korobskiy wrote:
>>> 2. How to specify this mapping? There are many ways in Ivy to do it.
>> Let's start
>>> with explicit abbreviated mapping for each dependency:

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