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From Jing Xue <>
Subject Re: Little Ivy survey (was: development process)
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2007 15:53:54 GMT

Quoting Matthias Kilian <>:

> - Modify, build, test, commit (on the branch). Developers must be take
>   special care about the ivy.xml they are using here -- it's the
>   delivered on, containing only fixed dependencies (no latest.* or
>   x.y.+). If that's not desired, the devlopers have to change
>   dependencies manually before committing their changes back to the
>   branch.

Very interesting point - and perhaps extremely important for anyone  
who hopes for reproducible builds. Thanks for bringing it up, Matthias.

I wonder whether ivy could provide some support to "freeze the  
dependencies". OTOH, something alone the lines of adding a  
"freeze-dependencies" attribute to ivy.xml, which when set to true  
would cause the published ivy.xml to have static dependencies as  
resolved.  (It's probably a lot more complicated than that. I'm just  
throwing an idea out there)

> Oh, and one final remark: NEVER EVER ship code built only in your
> IDE. It's not reproducible. I've even seen projects that were not
> buildable on any except a single developer's machine.

Hear, hear. I once worked on a project where the _production support_  
people used Eclipse to build the war files to be deployed to the  
production servers. Let's just say... man, all those sleepless release  
nights! 8-)

Jing Xue

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