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From Matthias Kilian <>
Subject Re: Configurations really hard to understand
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2007 19:51:27 GMT
On Wed, Aug 15, 2007 at 08:48:06PM +0200, Xavier Hanin wrote:
> Maybe configuration mapping is too difficult to understand... I agree that
> maven 2 scopes are easier to use for average users, at least until you reach
> their limitations (if ever).

Well, I prefer to use my own configurations and arbitraty configuration
mappings, even if I *could* abuse maven2 scopes. And I'm pretty
sure that I've already some cases where I really need configuration
mappings, but I'd to check our Ivy repo to be sure. (I should write
a short survey of how we're using Ivy anyways, but that'll take
some time)

> Therefore we should maybe provide a set of
> configurations and the associated mapping (something similar to maven 2
> scopes maybe), and still make it possible to use your own conf mapping. In
> this case users not needing specific things could almost ignore
> configuration mapping.
> What do you think?

Would some kind of include mechanism for sets of default conf mappings
be feasible? Something like

	<dependencies defaultconfmappingset="${some_url_or_file}">

${some_url_or_file} then would define all the conf mappings used.

Since configurations and conf mappings tend to be very policy-driven
(on a per-organisation or per-projectgroup base), this would give
maximum flexibility without hard-wiring some automagic stuff into

Of course, this is just a rough idea; the available configurations
should be defined in ${some_url_or_file}, too, so the dependencies
element probably isn't the best place to include it.


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		-- Gerardo Santana Gómez Garrido in

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