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From bhatia <Bha...@OFAC.CH>
Subject development process
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2007 10:03:49 GMT


Can someone guide me as to how we can compile, make changes, work with
branches etc with Ivy ? 

Till date, our developers work the old-way ie to compile one project they
checkout all its dependant projects (.project file in Eclispe); basically
all action happened in the workspace and the project was committed and
tagged to CVS. For working on a branch, we checkout a branch in this case,
work on it and commit/tag to CVS.

I have successfully created a repository of artifacts (3rd party and
internal) with compile time and run time configurations thanks to which the
developer can now fetch dependencies for a particular configuration from the
IvyDE plugin. Compiling a project using Ivy is no problem either even though
all our projects are massively circular dependant amongst themselves and all
this works with confugurations I have defined.

How do we work in the Ivy world ? Checkout a project from CVS, compile it
thanks to IvyDE by retrieving dependencies, make changes to it in the local
workspace, then what ??? publish it with changes to the ivy repository with
rev="CURRENT"... ?? Same logic for the branch ? And when I am ready to
commit and tag on a branch, I publish the branch with rev="my-branch-tag" ?
Is this the way a team should work in the Ivy environment ?

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