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From bhatia <Bha...@OFAC.CH>
Subject newbie configuration question
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 12:03:26 GMT


I want to specify that module OFACDI can participate in a compile and/or run
configuration of its caller module. For compilation, we have circular
dependencies so I am setting transitive="true" to be able to compile my
project despite circular deps. Am I on the right track here ?

The basic idea is that to compile my project, I want to use "compile" config
with transitive="true" (for circular deps) and to publish I want a "run"

<ivy-module version="1.0">
<info organisation="ofac" module="OFACDI" revision="prod"/>
   <conf name="compile" description="compile-time deps only, transitive
since we have spaghetti type dependencies" transitive="true"
   <conf name="run" description="run-time deps only, also used for creating
and publishing an artifact" transitive="false" visibility="public"/>   
	<artifact name="OFACDI" type="jar"/>
	<artifact name="OFACDI" type="source" ext="src.jar"/>
    <dependency org="ofac" name="OFACPool" rev="prod" changing="true"
conf="compile, run"/>
    <manager name="ofac-cm" org="ofac"/>
    <manager name="latest-revision" org="(?!ofac).*"/>


thanks a lot

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