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From Zmaj <>
Subject m2compatible attribute and url resolver
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2007 11:38:05 GMT


lets say i define my resolvers like this :
    <filesystem name="shared">
pattern="${ivy.shared.default.root}/${ivy.shared.default.ivy.pattern}" />
  <url name="mav2" m2compatible="true">
     <chain name="default" returnFirst="true" dual="true">
    <resolver ref="shared"/>
    <resolver ref="mav2" />
    <ibiblio name="ibiblio"  m2compatible="true"/>    
    <chain name="test">
    <resolver ref="mav2"/>
     <resolver ref="shared"/>

 and i have a install task like this : 

  <ivy:install organisation="commons-httpclient" module="commons-httpclient"
					  	overwrite="true" from="ibiblio" to="shared"/>

When i use ibiblio in the from attribute to copy from than the delivered
file-ivy.xml has resolved all dependencies of the commons-httpclient-3.0.jar
like their defined in the pom.xml in the ibiblio repository.

But when i use mav2 ( <ivy:install .. from="mav2" to="shared"/> ) to resolve
the jar then the dependencies are not resolved properly - i mean they're not
resolved at all in the incoming file-ivy.xml.

Is there something special about using m2compatible="true" with a <url> -
resolver ? 
What confused me about this is the following : 
When i use ibiblio to download from the i can see that the jar is downloaded
but when i point my <url> - resolvers ivy and artifact pattern to this url
the dependencies still aren't resolved.  :confused: how come ? 
thx ivan

And let me say this quick .  i(vy) love it

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