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From hezjing <>
Subject Compile MINA's Echo server with Ivy
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2007 08:18:36 GMT

I would like to share with you how to compile MINA's example - Echo
server using Ivy.

Here are the steps:

1) Download Apache MINA 1.1.0 from

2) Extract to C:\

3) Go to C:\mina-1.1.0\example

4) Create ivy.xml with the following contents

<ivy-module version="1.0">
<info organisation="jayasoft" module="my" />
<dependency org="org.apache.mina" name="mina-core" rev="1.1.0" />
<dependency org="org.apache.mina" name="mina-filter-ssl" rev="1.1.0" />
<dependency org="org.apache.mina" name="mina-integration-spring" rev="1.1.0" />
<dependency org="org.springframework" name="spring-context" rev="2.0.4" />
<dependency org="org.slf4j" name="slf4j-log4j12" rev="1.3.0" />

5) Craete build.xml with the following contents

<project xmlns:ivy="antlib:fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant" name="my">
<target name="init">
<ivy:cachepath pathid="default.classpath" conf="default" />
<target name="resolve">
<ivy:retrieve />
<target name="clean">
<delete dir="bin" />
<target name="clean-cache">
<delete dir="${user.home}/.ivy/cache" />
<target name="compile" depends="init">
<mkdir dir="bin" />
<javac srcdir="src/main/java" destdir="bin" debug="on" source="1.5">
<pathelement path="bin" />
<path refid="default.classpath" />
<target name="run" depends="compile">
<java classname="org.apache.mina.example.echoserver.Main" fork="true">
<pathelement path="bin" />
<pathelement path="src\main\resources" />
<path refid="default.classpath" />

6) To run Echo server > ant run



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