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From Jing Xue <>
Subject Re: The wrong jar gets retrieved
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2007 03:20:11 GMT
On Fri, Jul 13, 2007 at 10:51:43AM -0400, Jing Xue wrote:
> I'm running into a weird scenario where ivy retrieves the wrong jar  
> from a different module after resolving some conflicts.
> I suppose the questions I have would begin with where the conflicts  
> came from, and also how the aspectwerkz-core would get involved in the  
> retrieve of a different module, namely aspectwerkz/aspectwerkz-jdk5,  
> at all.

I think I figured out at least part of the myth. Looks like there is
one documentation issue _and_ a potential feature request:

1. The descriptions for 'organisation' and 'module' for post resolve
tasks look as if they are merely optional but still effective for
non-inline mode, while in fact under non-inline mode they are actually
completely ignored, and ivy:retrieve always retrieves by the conf name.

2. If my take on 1 is correct, then looks like there isn't any way to
selectively retrieve one single artifact. The workaround I ended up
making is defining a conf "aspectwerkz-jdk5", which includes only
aspectwerkz.aspectwerkz-jdk5, and retrieving only that conf. It would be
nice if 'organisation' and 'module' can be effective for selecting a
module even under non-inline mode.

Have a great weekend!
Jing Xue

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