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From Johannes Stamminger <>
Subject Re: <exclude> example?
Date Fri, 13 Jul 2007 13:17:09 GMT


On Friday 13 July 2007, Xavier Hanin wrote:
> On 7/13/07, hezjing <> wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > It would be very helpful if you can add examples for <exclude> in
> >
> Could you open a jira issue for that? And if you have examples, you can
> even provide a patch to the page, it's pretty easy to contribute
> documentation if you follow this doc:

A) At least in 1.4.1 the exclusion modules does not work. Caused by using 
DefaultArtifact.newIvyArtifact in IvyNode.isDependencyModuleExcluded. The new 
ivy artifact as currently being used is lateron on exclusion checking 
compared with the exclude definition ... and that fails always due to the 
fixed name/type "ivy" and ext "xml" of the default ivy artifact.

I patched DefaultArtifact by adding:

    public static Artifact newCheckModuleExcludeArtifact(ModuleRevisionId 
mrid, Date pubDate) {
        return new DefaultArtifact(mrid, pubDate, "*", "*", "*");

next to newIvyArtifact and using this method instead from 
IvyNode.isDependencyModuleExcluded. SInce having done this, exclusion now 
works for me (but I would appreciate very much someone wuold review my 
change - I will open an issue on monday on that and attach my changes there 
in more detail).

Note 1: this affects only complete module's exclusion as defined with
<exclude module="xyz"/> within an dependency. Exclusion of artifacts seem to 
work for me

Note 2: No idea if this affects 2.0 trunk, too, as there is no stable release 
of that, yet, I did stop testing with that some time ago.

B) Another pitfall on exclusion is when wanting to exclude something being 
resolved by multiple dependencies: it will go only with excluding it on 
*every* dependency the module is resolved with.

C) And finally in my very complex environment I still get exactly one 
exclusion not working ... but I have to debug it down to detect the 
cause ... . So there might be another bug  - but it is more probable that I 
have defined something wrong/incompleet and do not see this, yet (most 
problems like that I could reveal only by debugging - outputs did not help 
very much on such problems)

D) When just talking about exclusions: I would appreciate it very much if the 
exclusions having taken place on resolve became part of the resolve report. 
But I will request this by an issue ...

Regards and have a nice wekend,
Johannes Stamminger

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