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From <>
Subject AW: Ivy settings management from Ant (was Re: can i call ivy:configure multiple times with different configuration files(which in turn refers different ivy.xmls)?)
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2007 10:00:09 GMT
>> Last night I was insomniac and I realized that a task can be put as a
>> child of an other task.  Parallel does that.  When looking at ant
>> source, I have seen that there is an interface TaskContainer.  So
>> making that id of <settings> optional, and allowing <settings> as a
>> child of any ivy task is thus possible.

I wouldnt do that. You need references if you reuse one setting-set.
Compare Ant's classpath:
   <path id="cp">
   <javac classpathref="cp">
       <classpath refid="cp">

And implementing TaskContainer for all Tasks would also make lot of
Is it worth?

>I think we should better use settingsId, because we had trouble using
id as
>an attribute (can't remember exactly why, but there's an issue in JIRA
>asking to use id for cachepath where we justify why it's not a good

I had a quick look at Ants codebase.
RuntimeConfigurable has an "id" and I think it is responsible for
id/refid resulution
all tasks (project components?) in Ant have. But the work of RC is in
the very early
init process of Ant. And I am not very familiar with that ....


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