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From "Frank Kemmer" <>
Subject How-to build an enterprise repository with source-attachments ...
Date Mon, 04 Jun 2007 10:51:25 GMT
I am trying to build an enterprise repository for a customer. Usually
I try to bring new Ivy Modules via <ivy:install> into the enterprise
repository. I am using the <ibiblio>-Resolver in m2-compatibility
mode, since <ivyrep> does not describe the artifacts and JARs I need
and the fallback uses Maven1 instead of Maven2 compatibility mode.

The dependency resolution work's fine most of the time but I don't
understand some details in the retrieved or generated Ivy-Files, resp.
First the status is always status="integration". Why isn't it
status="release"? Can I modify this behaviour?

Where do the many configurations come from?

Another problem I experienced: Some projects have Source Attachments
defined in Maven2 for their binary distribution jar. I think, the
source artifact description can be found in the Maven POM. How can I
/convince/ Ivy to use this information, to add the source artifacts to
the given Ivy module at hand?

And even worse: what have I todo, if I want to add the source
artifacts by hand if they are not described in the Maven2 Repository?
Does anybody have some solutions to add sources automatically or do I
really need to modify the generated Ivy file by hand?

Personally I would prefer a solution where I write a second Ivy file
for the source artifacts, which says that it contains the sources for
another Ivy module and publish this Ivy /source/ module to the
enterprise repository in addition. And the most important thing: this
description should help IvyDE to find the source artifacts if a
project has described a dependeny on the corresponding binary

Any ideas? I really appreciate your support. Thanx for any help in advance.

By the way, could anybody successfully attach Javadocs via the IvyDE
plugin in Eclipse? I failed miserably ... :)

P.S.: Forgive me my spelling mistakes, since English is not my native language.

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