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From Nigel Charman <>
Subject Ivy Retrieve fails through proxy server
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2007 02:53:17 GMT

I'm working at a site that connects to the net using a proxy server that
requires authentication.

Our ant script uses the setproxy task to set the proxy details.  Calling the
ivy:retrieve task after setproxy results in the error:

   [ivy:retrieve] :: problems summary ::
   [ivy:retrieve] :::: WARNINGS
   [ivy:retrieve]  Your proxy requires authentication.
   [ivy:retrieve]  Your proxy requires authentication.
   [ivy:retrieve]          module not found: [ commons-lang | commons-lang |
2.1 ]

However, there is a workaround.  Calling the get task before ivy:retrieve
fixes the problem.

It appears that get must be doing something with the proxy details that
ivy:retrieve is not.  Should I raise a JIRA to ask for ivy:retrieve to do
whatever magic get is doing?  Alternately, can we get this documented?  

The ant script that works contains:

        <target name="proxy">
            <property name="" value=""/>
            <property name="proxy.port" value="8080"/>
                <input message="Please enter proxy username"
addproperty="proxy.user" />
                <input message="Please enter proxy password - NOTE: CLEAR
TEXT" addproperty="proxy.pass"/>
            <setproxy proxyhost="${}" proxyport="${proxy.port}"
                   proxyuser="${proxy.user}" proxypassword="${proxy.pass}"/>
            <get src="" dest="temp.html"
    <!-- ================================= 
          target: resolve 
         ================================= -->
    <target name="resolve" depends="proxy" description="--> retreive
dependencies with ivy">

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