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From "Stefan Arentz" <>
Subject Re: Writing some code after ApacheConEU - Retrieving SNAPSHOT Artifacts
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 14:19:55 GMT
On 5/3/07, Xavier Hanin <> wrote:

> > Nope, no proxy. What do you mean with 'listing revisions'?
> you usually have too cases when resolving a dependency: either your
> dependency declaration specify an exact revision, in which case Ivy
> can use it as is to find the artifact, OR you can specify a dynamic
> version, or version constraint, for which Ivy should first list which
> are the available revisions of the dependency, to then decide which
> one to take according to your version constraint. In the case of maven
> SNAPSHOT I should say I still do not understand clearly how they work
> :-) Sometimes you have a file with SNAPSHOT as revision in your
> repository, sometime you get a timestamp as revision. If you want to
> get a timestamp revision, Ivy has to list the available ones to find
> the latest one.
> Is it getting clearer?

Almost :-)

How does the listing work in practice? Do you assume that the
repositories provide a directory listing that you can parse?

I'm also confused about the naming conventions though .. I've see both
-SNAPSHOT.ext and -<timestamp>.ext names. Maybe the first was a Maven
1.0 convention? I'll try to figure that one out :-)


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