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From "Xavier Hanin" <>
Subject Re: ApacheCon news ?
Date Fri, 04 May 2007 09:44:12 GMT
On 5/4/07, <> wrote:
> >> People seemed interested, and there is a question occuring pretty
> >> frequently in ApacheCon: could we get closer to maven, and either
> >> reuse stuff from their code base, or the other way around, use Ivy as
> >> the dependency management engine for Maven.
> >>
> >> This is something interesting IMO, but another hand I don't think we
> >> are big enough for the moment to get enough energy to go int his
> >> direction. I'd prefer to first concentrate on building a rock solid
> >> 2.0 version with even better ant integration, and then once we get
> >> graduated and released, see if we can concentrate energy on this
> >> focus... unless someone want to contribute stuff in this direction.
> >
> >+1
> >
> >I for one would vote for the Ant+Ivy bundling - maybe not the default
> >distribution but some "deluxe edition" or something :-).  I'm
> >not sure
> >how much value Ivy can contribute to Maven, on the other hand.
> >Dependency/repository management isn't the weakness of Maven.
> ATM Ant provides a fetch.xml buildfile which should download optional
> libraries.
> Ant dev@ant we thought about changing that into an Ivy step.
> Maybe Ant delivers Ivy, alternatively Ant has a target to download Ivy.
> It doesnt
> make any difference to me if you type
>     ant -f fetch.xml
> and having Ivy present before running this buildfile or after running
> it...
Yes, but the integration could even go further, and download
dependencies on demand (instead of having to call fetch.xml - see
Steve discussion on dev@ant mailing list). In this case bundling Ivy
with Ant could be interesting to get this kind of automatic download
out of the box.

> Jan

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