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From "Xavier Hanin" <>
Subject Re: resetting resolvers / re-configuring ivy
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 10:34:21 GMT
On 5/2/07, jeff <> wrote:
> i have a multi-level project. there is a top level build.xml that essentially sets up
dependencies for and calls module build.xml's ...
> one of the modules is "dependencies", and it's job is to simply create a local file system
repo for the rest of the modules to use.
> the problem is that when the top level build.xml calls dependencies, that module calls
ivy:configure with a particular ivy settings that includes many resolvers ...
> then each module calls ivy:configure pointing to an ivy settings that just points to
the locally built repo.
> the problem is that since this is all happening from within a single "ant" call, the
ivy settings, and the resolvers set up when the top level build call the dependencies module
are still in effect when the other modules are built, even though ivy:configure was called
again w/ the simpler set of resolvers. the results is that i see errors like :
> [ivy:retrieve] :: problems summary ::
> [ivy:retrieve] :::: ERRORS
> [ivy:retrieve]  unknown resolver ibiblio-maven2
> [ivy:retrieve]  unknown resolver ibiblio-maven2
> ...
> the build still succeeds, but i'd sure like to make those errors go away.
> the root problem i guess is that i want to re-configure ivy from within a single ant
call. is this possible?

Two things here:
- if you call your dependencies and other builds from the same ant
build (top level), there is no way with current Ivy version to
reconfigure Ivy... except by using a version with the patch provided
by Gilles (see This
issue should be fixed by 2.0 release, and even certinaly in next alpha
or beta version.
- the current cache implementation of Ivy stores which resolver found
the module and output the warning you see if it doesn't find the
resolver which found the module first. But this will certainly be
addressed by IVY-399 (for which there is no due date but a strong push
from the community, vote for it to make us even strongly consider it


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