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From Scott Goldstein <>
Subject Re: post resolve tasks and "keep" attribute
Date Mon, 21 May 2007 20:08:13 GMT
I've solved my problem by changing the order of execution.
  However, I'm still curious about the "keep" property, as I imagine this might come up again.
 Any info?

Scott Goldstein <> wrote:
  During my build, I'm trying to run the ant "taskdef" task. As part of this task, I need
to provide a classpath for the task, which I do using the "ivy:cachepath" task and an appropriate
ivy file. This works, but the resolve necessary to achieve this blows away the resolve data
from a previous execution of resolve, which breaks the build later on.

So, what I need to do it perform a resolve within a particular scope and return the resolve
data to its previous state. 

I looked at the docs on and there is some reference to the "keep" attribute
both post resolve tasks. This appears to be what I need. However, when I try using it with
2.0 alpha, I get an error that the attribute does not exist.

What's the status of this attribute? If there another way to achieve what I need? Is it just
a matter of saving and restoring the resolve properties, ivy.organisation, ivy.module, ivy.revision,
and ivy.resolved.configurations?



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