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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: if network is down ...
Date Tue, 22 May 2007 09:47:48 GMT
jeff wrote:
> a request from another user ...
> they are asking if there is a way to make ivy:install use from cache only ... for example,
network goes down. in this case, ivy:install fails ... but the data is in the cache so theoretically
it could just warn the user.
> not even sure if this question makes sense ... ?
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We've discussed this a bit.

one problem is that,there's lots of interesting ways for the remote 
server to be unreachable. It may be the server is not reachable, it 
could be the proxy playing up, DNS down etc. More subtly, your 
laptop/site may be live, while the rest of the network is 'partitioned' 
  and so you need to handle having some repositories reachable but 
others not, which is something you may want in your ivysettings.xml file.

This stuff is hard to test -look how badly java6 behaves when reverse 
DNS fails, or proxy servers stop responding. You can always recognise 
applications written on well-managed networks by how they fail in the 
uncontrolled chaos of consumer home LANs...


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