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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Bundled Ant+Ivy
Date Thu, 10 May 2007 15:11:44 GMT
Xavier Hanin wrote:

>> >I for one would vote for the Ant+Ivy bundling - maybe not the default
>> >distribution but some "deluxe edition" or something :-).  I'm
>> >not sure
>> >how much value Ivy can contribute to Maven, on the other hand.
>> >Dependency/repository management isn't the weakness of Maven.
>> ATM Ant provides a fetch.xml buildfile which should download optional
>> libraries.
>> Ant dev@ant we thought about changing that into an Ivy step.
>> Maybe Ant delivers Ivy, alternatively Ant has a target to download Ivy.
>> It doesnt
>> make any difference to me if you type
>>     ant -f fetch.xml
>> and having Ivy present before running this buildfile or after running
>> it...
> Yes, but the integration could even go further, and download
> dependencies on demand (instead of having to call fetch.xml - see
> Steve discussion on dev@ant mailing list). In this case bundling Ivy
> with Ant could be interesting to get this kind of automatic download
> out of the box.

  I may cut a sourceforge hosted Ant distro to go with my book, 
ant1.7.0+most of the binaries, inc ivy, xalan, etc

For full integration into ant, we may stick it in the distro alongside 
xerces, and add hooks for resolution processes. These hooks would be 
designed so that the maven tasks can slot in too if they want (or some 
IDE thingy).

1. a percentage done callback/handler for progress. (with cancel?)
2. extra antlib namespace to artifact loading support. Name an antlib 
and have it loaded
3. some changes to <subant> to make it run lists of tasks better.


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