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From Tim Diggins <>
Subject Re: IvyCruise replacement
Date Thu, 03 May 2007 09:36:17 GMT
have been thinking about this and am wondering if the simplest thing 
would actually be to make an ivy-wrapper around the modificationset - so 
that ivy swallows all the modificationsets, and checks all the 
(--local--) dependencies' modificationsets, and if there are any 
modificationsets on those, then it returns a false - ie. there will only 
a modificationset on a project once all of its dependencies have cleared 
their modificationsets.

what do you think?

-- Tim

Tim Diggins wrote:
> Hi - 
> I'm considering ivy as a mechanism to express and manage dependencies 
> (currently only expressed in ant tasks), but as one of my main drivers 
> is to fix my continuous-build problems, am wondering what people do 
> who use ivy and cruisecontrol at present, given that ivycruise is 
> apparently not active and not working with latest cruisecontrol?
> What do people do?
> * not use cruisecontrol?
> * live with the failures when things get built in the wrong order?
> * Use some other kind of modificationset and just update all 
> dependencies each build?
> any perspectives helpful
> ]
> thanks
> Tim


  Tim Diggins

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