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From Jarosław Wypychowski <>
Subject Re: "ant call trigger can only be used from an ant build" from ant build
Date Thu, 10 May 2007 12:52:18 GMT
Hello again.

As You suggested this is now in JIRA (IVY-497)

> Well, the problem of your solution is that it makes IvyContext depend on an
> Ant class, which we have to avoid to keep Ivy core independent of Ant.
Sure - it was a proof of my concept

> So I see two possible solutions:
> * keep IvyContext as is, and set ANT_PROJECT_CONTEXT_KEY to a Stack instead
> of a Project. In this case all classes dealing with ANT_PROJECT_CONTEXT_KEY
> will have to be aware it's a Stack. Maybe adding a static method like
> getCurrentProject() in IvyTask could centralize all the management of this
> Stack.
> * add methods to manage a Stack in IvyContext, because other classes may
> have to deal with the same kind of problem. We could add a push, pop and
> peek method, and use these methods instead of set and get from IvyTask,
> AntCallTrigger and AntBuildTrigger.
> Centralizing the management in IvyTask can make sense in either case. I have
> a slight preference for the second one for its reusability, but it's only a
> slight preference.
I liked the second one better as well.

void IvyContext.push(String,Object)
Object IvyContext.pop(String)
they are kept without weakrefs.

void IvyTask.execute() throws BuildException
abstract void IvyTask.doExecute() throws BuildException.

tasks and triggers fixed accordingly.

> using regular svn diff is appropriate. Please create a JIRA issue for
> attaching the patch, it's better to track the problem and to clear legal
> issues while applying your patch (you have a box to check when attaching the
> patch to allow us to apply it).
Attached already. All rights granted. Review it whenever You like. The patch is done 
against latest trunk. 

Did not add additional JUnit test for it but it works in my environment
and all current tests are passed.

There is however a slight problem - this makes the API incompatible with
2.0.0-alpha-1. It is possible to make doExecute not abstract in IvyTask
and therefore validate all the other tasks that are kept by people, but
this can lead to hard to find errors.

Best Regards.


Jaroslaw Wypychowski
Interdyscyplinarne Centrum Modelowania Matematycznego i Komputerowego UW

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