we have a large ant-based project that is presently just referencing a shared directory for it's dependencies. we'd like use ivy to better manage those dependencies.

some of our dependencies are already in standard repos, but some of them aren't. we just have a JAR file that we did not build and cannot build. so i was looking for something like "mvn install:install-file ..." to "publish" the JAR into the ivy local cache. eventually these dependencies will be in a well-defined maven repo, but that is a lot of overhead just to do a proof of concept w/ ivy ...

i've tried quite a few variations on this and i can't seem to find anything in ivy that will let me do this easily. i've attached two files, publish.xml and dsame-ivy.xml that are supposed to be doing the task. when i run it, i get:

[ivy:configure] Loading jar:file:/home/jtb/.ivy/jars/ivy.jar!/fr/jayasoft/ivy/ivy.properties
[ivy:configure] :: Ivy 1.4.1 - 20061109165313 :: http://ivy.jayasoft.org/ ::
[ivy:configure] :: configuring :: file = /home/jtb/src/ps.trunk/buildutil/dsame-ivy.xml
[ivy:publish] :: publishing :: [ com.sun.dsame | sdk ]

/home/jtb/src/ps.trunk/buildutil/publish.xml:16: impossible to publish artifacts for [ com.sun.dsame | sdk | 7.0 ]: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: unknown resolver local

any ideas?

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