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Subject Newbie - Maven 1, Cruise Control and Dependency Management... + Ivy?
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 16:18:03 GMT

We are currently using Maven 1 with Cruise Control, and are running into
CC's lack of Dependency Management.

We have multiple projects, many, but not all, of which inherit from a
common parent project.  We also have multiple versions of these projects.

Say we have the parent Project A upon which Projects B, C, D and E all
depend.  Then we have Project F which depends on B, C & D.  Needless to
say, CC has no idea that it needs to build A, B, C, D, E and then F.

I'm completely new to Ivy - can it help us here?  Can it handle all these
dependencies, including different versions of the Projects?  eg F v 1
depends on B, C, D version 1, but F v2 depends on B v1, C v2 & D v1.



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