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From <>
Subject AW: Ant + Ivy Birds of a Feather Session at ApacheCon
Date Wed, 18 Apr 2007 08:30:57 GMT
>I will unfortunately not be present in Amsterdam (my boss said 
>that he has
>not enough budgets...  Grrr...  He merit that I give the name 
>of my employer
>;-) ).  However, there is one topics that I think would be interesting:
>It would be nice if ant could be able to download an entire 
>antlib with its
>dependencies, using ivy of curse ;-).  And that, without 
>having to install
>anything else than the basic ant installation.

Yes, that sounds interesting.
But you have to keep an eye on licenses ... Ant's fetch.xml could
download the optional libraries ...

So just dreaming more ...

<project xmlns:antunit="ivy:">

- the new "ivy:" protokol (compared to "antlib:") loads the AutoLoad
  from the given URL+"autoload.xml"
    <autoload ivyconfig="ivy-config.xml"
- then it "installs" all the required jars specified in the specified
  configuration file into ~/.ant/antlibs (thats the repository Ivy uses
- it loads the antlib.xml as defined


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