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From "Robert Macaulay" <>
Subject Main ivy.xml files seems to be ignored for back revs?
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2007 02:54:19 GMT
This is for ivy version Ivy 1.5.0-incubating-dev-20070308022022 - 20070308022022

In my main ivy.xml for my project, I have this dependency.
<dependency org="extern" name="mail" rev="1.3.2"/>
<dependency org="extern" name="xfire" rev="1.2.4"/>

Xfire's ivy in turn has this dependency.
        <dependency org="extern" name="mail" rev="[1.4,)"/>

I have both version 1.3.2 and 1.4.0 of mail.jar in the repository. I
fully expected an error, but the hehavior that I get is this.
[ivy-retrieve] using 3textern-repository to resolve [ extern | mail | [1.4,) ]
[ivy-retrieve] trying Y:\3t_extern/Server/ivy-repo/extern/mail/[1.4,)/ivy.xml
[ivy-retrieve] listing all in
[ivy-retrieve] using 3textern-repository to list all in
[ivy-retrieve] found 2 resources
[ivy-retrieve] found revs: [1.3.2, 1.4]
[ivy-retrieve] 3textern-repository: rejected by version matcher:
Y:\3t_extern\Server\ivy-repo\extern\mail\1.3.2\ivy.xml (1.3.2)

[ivy-retrieve] 3textern-repository: found md file for [ extern | mail | [1.4,) ]
[ivy-retrieve] => Y:\3t_extern\Server\ivy-repo\extern\mail\1.4\ivy.xml (1.4)
[ivy-retrieve] parser = ivy parser
[ivy-retrieve] no ivy file in cache for [ extern | mail | 1.4 ]: tried

[ivy-retrieve] 3textern-repository: downloading
Y:\3t_extern\Server\ivy-repo\extern\mail\1.4\ivy.xml to

[ivy-retrieve] 3textern-repository: downloading
[ivy-retrieve] to C:\DOCUME~1\macaulro\LOCALS~1\Temp\ivy8553xml
Resource org/apache/ivy/plugins/parser/xml/ivy.xsd loaded from ant loader
[ivy-retrieve] pre 1.3 ivy file: using exactOrRegexp as default matcher
[ivy-retrieve] 3textern-repository: parsed downloaded md file for [
extern | mail | [1.4,) ] parsed=[ extern | mail | 1.4 ]

[ivy-retrieve] [1.4] [ extern | mail ]
[ivy-retrieve] found [ extern | mail | 1.4 ] in 3textern-repository
[ivy-retrieve] [1.4] [ extern | mail | [1.4,) ]

What I would like to happen is a conflict warning to occur stating
that the main project required 1.3.2, but other modules require
up-revved version so that we are aware of accidental upgrades and can
know of them. What config am I missing? I have this in the ivyconf
(nothing special in terms of overrides)

        <conf defaultCache="${build.dir}/ivyCache"

                <filesystem name="3textern-repository">




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