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From jeff <>
Subject Re: code review please: issue 475
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2007 17:50:36 GMT
Xavier Hanin <> wrote:
This looks pretty fine. One minor thing: I think haltonunresolved instead of
haltunresolved would be more consistent with the naming used in other cases
(like haltonfailure from the resolve task).

agreed, and i actually had it has you described in the code, i just mistyped in the email.
also, i found another test case that was failing. see
> line 117 for the failed test, and
> (diffs) for the fix.

Yes, I have fixed the problem for the release, but haven't backported the
fix to the trunk yet. I will do that when I port some changes done for the
release to the trunk. BTW, the fix is in the test and not in the
IBiblioResolver class, since we have agreed to use instead
of ibiblio as default root (ibiblio is now considered only as a mirror of
ok, i will back that out of the changes.

I don't know apache rules very well, but I would be surprised if you have
write access to our project. Indeed AFAIK  commiting directly is considered
as being a commiter, which requires a vote in our PPMC.
i suspect i have write access, because when i was approved for another project, it was just
"apache svn write access", and not specific to the project. but ya, i don't really know how
apache works it either.

but anyway, i realize i am not a committer on this project so i won't even try. i am attaching
a patch file. would you mind applying it? i'd really like this to be in the next release,
so if you have a 2.x release branch, could you put it there, as well as the trunk?

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