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From jeff <>
Subject Re: something like mvn install plugin?
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2007 17:46:11 GMT
thanks steve. this was only an issue w/ testing. if we go live, then we will have something
similar, except the repo is a maven or maven2 dir structure.

to get around this, i just used "mvn install..." and then configured Ivy to look into $HOME/.m2/repository
to find the artifacts.

Steve Loughran <> wrote: jeff wrote:
> we have a large ant-based project that is presently just referencing a 
> shared directory for it's dependencies. we'd like use ivy to better 
> manage those dependencies.
> some of our dependencies are already in standard repos, but some of them 
> aren't. we just have a JAR file that we did not build and cannot build. 
> so i was looking for something like "mvn install:install-file ..." to 
> "publish" the JAR into the ivy local cache. eventually these 
> dependencies will be in a well-defined maven repo, but that is a lot of 
> overhead just to do a proof of concept w/ ivy ...

We have a bit of our SVN repository set up in the structure of an Ivy 
repo...the conf file is set to read from there ahead of the remote 
repositories; this gives us ivy integration without hosting a live, 
public repository

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