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From "Gilles Scokart" <>
Subject compile, runtime and interface configuration
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2007 11:13:57 GMT




I try to to define a system that use three types of configurations :
compile, runtime and interface.


The compile dependencies are the one required to compile my modules.

The runtime dependencies are the one required to run my modules.

The interface dependencies are dependencies that I use in the interface of
my module.  The means that the users of my module should transitively
inherit those interfaces in their compile (and runtime) dependencies.



Here is how I tried to declare those configurations :


<configurations  defaultconfmapping=" runtime -> runtime(default);

                                      interface -> interface(default);

                                      compile -> interface(default)">


            <conf name="compile" extends="interface" description="the
compile-time dependencies" />

            <conf name="runtime" extends="compile " description="The runtime

            <conf name="interface" description="The interface




When I have A depends in B (compile dep) and B depends on C (compile dep), I
was expecting to have implicitly A depends on C (runtime dep).  But it seems
not to be.


I have the impression that ivy first resolve the compile dependencies
transitively, then resolve runtime dependencies transitively and add the one
obtained by the compile dep resolution.


Is my understanding correct?  What are the other alternative to do what I
want to do?  Am I forced to flag all compile dependencies also as runtime



Thanks for your help.




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