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From <>
Subject AW: ApacheCon Talk
Date Mon, 12 Mar 2007 12:45:14 GMT
My few cents ...

* PPT-Master
  - You should write "ApacheCon EU 2007" instead of "ApacheCon 2007". There are more (US,
* Global Notes
  - URLs in the PPT comment area for further information (Ivy Homepage / Manual) would be
* History
  - Some words about user community: how many users/committers, number of downloads ...
    ==> Ivy is not a niche product
* #6: First contact
  - Place some comments (in the comment area of PPT) about the properties
    ivy.jar.url   : URL to Ivy-Binary-Download (?)
    ivy.jar.dir   : Where to install Ivy
    ivy.jar.file  : ?
    ivy.lib.path  : Jars needed to run Ivy
  - Have you tried that target? I cannot follow the steps ... You're downloading ONE file.
    Where do the JARs in ivy.jar.dir come from?
* #7: First contact
  - I miss a note where Ivy downloads the JARs from ... Ibiblio? Local Repo?
* #14: Where do those files come from?
  - "anything can be a repository": provide examples: "filesystem, svn, Maven-Repo, ..."
* #15: Where do those files come from?
  - You have to insert the ivyconf.xml ;-)
* #17: Modular development with Ivy
  - Nice animation ;-)
* #19: Settings
  - TODO
* #25: Ivy / Maven2 comparison
  - spell: "if you already use ant": Ant in uppercase
* #26: Future
  - Place notes about Mailinglists, Homepage and Issue Tracker

Very nice!


>-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
>Von: Vishal Vishnoi [] 
>Gesendet: Freitag, 9. März 2007 18:43
>Betreff: Re: ApacheCon Talk
>I like how you have presented pro's of both (Ant + Ivy) and Maven.
>My personal experience have been that Ivy WORKS :-). I've seen many 
>projects trying to use Maven and crash and burn..imagine a 
>build/dependency management system, which is so crippling and brittle.
>My favorite quote from someone using Maven was:
>"/I understood the technology of the project in not time. It took me 
>ages to figure out how Maven works. Doing simple things is very hard. 
>It's very buggy and has horrendous documentation/"
> I know you can't state this in your presentation, but just wanted to 
>let you know that I'm glad Ivy is around for us to use with Ant.
>Xavier Hanin wrote:
>> Thanks to your feedback I've updated the slides to integrate your
>> suggestions. I haven't tested if I'll have enough time with those 
>> slides, it
>> may be a bit too long now.
>> Tell me what you think would be the best to cut down if I 
>need time. And
>> give me your feedback on the changes, especially on Maven / Ivy 
>> comparison,
>> I wan't to be as fair as possible, so I'll welcome any comment.
>> Thanks for your time,
>> - Xavier
>> On 3/9/07, Xavier Hanin <> wrote:
>>> Hi Ivy users,
>>> As you probablu alreaday know I'll give a talk at next ApacheCon 
>>> Europe :
>>> I've just started preparing the slides, and I would like to 
>gather some
>>> feedback. Obviously without the talk it's more difficult to get an 
>>> opinion,
>>> but anyway, if you have time the very early draft of the slides is 
>>> available
>>> here:
>>> Any feedback would be strongly appreciated!
>>> - Xavier
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