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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Ivy + Gump
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2007 10:09:21 GMT wrote:
> I think about the following:
> - use Ivy for handling the dependencies of the projects
>   --> these specifies the versions they trust
> - use Gump for integration builds
>   --> check if there are incompatibilities
> Is there a way to share the dependency information?
> Jan

hey, you're on the slipperly slopes of mavenness there :)

Next you'll be wanting izpack to include the JARs(*), or your app server 
to read the pom to build a list of things that should be on the EAR 

There is some stuff a colleague wrote to convert .pom files to RDF; its 
up at MIT's simile project now, I think. We can do the same with Ivy 
metadata too -convert it into a build-tool neutral format. Stefano 
Mazzochi has apparently been thinking of some    RDF-driven gump 
successor which could use this.

For now, Gump and ivy are independent  -my projects are the only users 
of the ivy build, and while they dont actually get their classpath set 
up by it, they do use it for publishing and retrieving things, and for 
regression testing ivy itself.


(*) Once I've got this working I'll write it up on I'm 
retrieving every config into a separate dir,
then feeding this into izpack -every package you can choose to install 
comes with its own ivy config

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