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From Stephane Bailliez <>
Subject useOrigin and type filtering
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2007 12:55:46 GMT
I'm messing with useOrigin and the culprit is actually completely lost 
in getting me the correct artifacts when using cachepath.
I have artifacts with different types for the same conf(ie: jar, source, 
javadoc) and while it works fine when doing a useOrigin=false with using 
useOrigin=true it manages to push me artifacts of type source instead of 
jar, so some filtering is going berserk somewhere.

<ivy:resolve useorigin="${ivy.useorigin}" conf="*" showprogress="false" 
<ivy:cachepath useorigin="${ivy.useorigin}" 
pathid="ivy.compile.classpath" type="jar" conf="compile"/>

I haven't yet investigated the problem, but ouf of curiosity, has anyone 
seeing this behavior before ?
(ie: I'm using 1.4.1)

Side note: there should be absolutely no need whatsoever to duplicate 
useorigin in every task once it has been resolved. This is just a killer 
for modularity as if I want to enable this feature, I have to go through 
all build files that use retrieve to do some special packaging or 
layout. This information should be self contained in the resolution 
data. Scoping should hopefully help to get rid of this.

-- stephane

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