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From Dmitriy Korobskiy <>
Subject Re[2]: Newbie questions
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 16:20:39 GMT
Hi, Mayer
Re: your e-mail from Friday, March 16, 2007

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MC> From: Crystal, Mayer []
MC> Sent: Friday, March 16, 2007 10:36 AM
MC> To:
MC> Subject: Newbie questions

MC> I just started fiddling with Ivy and I have 2 questions that I hope
MC> someone can help me with:

MC> 1.  We currently have our own build system which handles dependencies
MC> that I would like to migrate to Ivy.  For the first cut (instead of
MC> redoing everything from scratch) I would like to write some form of
MC> resolver which can interact with our current system and determine
MC> dependencies and download the jars for Ivy.  In essence, both the jars
MC> as well as the module descriptions (including dependencies) are behind
MC> this webserver in our format.  What would be the easiest way to
MC> intercept Ivy's request for data and dependencies and use our resolver
MC> to determine the underlying dependencies and to retrieve the actual
MC> jars?  (I looked at URLResolver and IBiblioResolver which seem to do
MC> something similar, but the inheritance hierarchy and all the different
MC> classes were a bit much - I was hoping that someone could give me a
MC> quick start for this process :))

Can't help you with that.

MC> 2.  Does Ivy have the ability (either built-in or contributed) to
MC> package a project including all of its dependencies (both explicit and
MC> transitive)?  For instance,  if I would like to create a tar file of the
MC> entire application can I perform an Ant copy (with Ivy's help) which can
MC> copy all of the jars into a lib directory?  If not, how would one go
MC> about obtaining the necessary information in order to perform this type
MC> of operation?

Simply use <ivy:cachefileset conf="myconf"> after Ivy resolve, and then you can
do whatever Ant can do with that fileset. For example, you can <zip> it. The
cachefileset contains all the dependencies (optionally for a particular
configuration - see details in the docs) that Ivy resolved into its cache.

MC> Thanks,
MC> Mayer

Dmitriy <1-127-441 @ICQ, DKroot @Skype, DKroot1 @AIM, dkroot1_at_gmail_dot_com @Google

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